Momal Sheikh opens up about role in ‘Mushk’

Web Desk|December 28, 2020
'Momal Sheikh opens up about role in ‘Mushk

Recently, Momal Sheikh talked about multiple things in an interview including how she entered the drama industry, working in Bollywood movie and her character in Mushk.

The 34-year-old actress revealed that she entered the Pakistani drama industry with the help of her friend.

Javed Sheikh’s daughter further went on to talk about her role in TV drama Mushk in which she plays Mehek who studied law in London and her husband has left her after their nikkah.

Moreover, Mehek comes to Pakistan to find her husband and she is shown as someone who is not confident or independent even as a lawyer.

The interviewer asked Momal what made her sign Mushk? To which she quickly replied and stated, “Aehsun (Talish) bhai called me and I immediately said yes to him without asking any questions. Then by the time he called me the second time, I got to know that the story revolves around Mehek and it is written by Imran Ashraf, Urwa is in it. I thought it was a dream team to work with and then I felt more excited gradually”.

As Sheikh talked about her role in Mushk, she said, “Just because Mehek has studied law in London, this hasn’t changed her nature or personality. She is well-educated but she is not confident or strong enough. She will remain the same or rather now she is weaker because she has more baggage”.

“Her worst fears have turned out to be true now that her husband has disappeared. She has witnessed how heartbreak drove her best friend to commit suicide and now she is facing similar circumstances. She has too many questions,” she added.

Watch her full interview below:

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