Farhan Akhtar on trolls who attack his family: 'It shows me how ugly they are'

Web Desk|July 31, 2021

Actor Farhan Akhtar spoke up about the trolls who have been targeting his family. He said that if people have an issue with him, they should take it to him instead of bringing his family into the picture and taking unfair jabs at them.

Farhan, who is the son of veteran lyricist and well-known poet Javed Akhtar, is not unused to responding to netizens trolling on social media. He often tries to tackle the situation on his own such as a few weeks ago he called out the troll who called him a “VIP Brat” for using a drive-in vaccination facility.

While talking to Bollywood Bubble, Farhan got candid about how he feels when he sees negative comments on the internet that are unsolicited and mean in nature, especially when it includes his family. He said:

"I don’t think anybody would be happy with their family being attacked on any kind of platform for any reason. At the end of the day, if you have any issues with me, right or wrong, the issue should end with me. I don’t feel it has to pass on to anybody else. I am here for you to be able to talk to.”

Farhan also touched on the aggressiveness that these messages hold and asked how can he be expected to have a civil conversation when people directing the criticism at him are exhibiting “abuse, bigotry, or prejudice.” He further said:

“At the end of the day, a person revealing how hateful they are, it shows me how ugly they are. It tells me very little about me but a lot about them. If you want to have a conversation about something and discuss it and even maybe change my mind about something, I am more than happy for my thoughts to get changed if it's a respectable conversation.”

“There’s a classic saying that ‘Never wrestle with a pig because you will get dirty but the pig loves it’ So that’s what it is," he added.

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