Osman Khalid Butt expresses views on Pakistani culture on Mira Sethis interview

Web Desk|January 08, 2021

Osman Khalid Butt shares his views on Pakistani culture in Mira Sethi’s interview

Osman Khalid Butt expresses views on Pakistani culture on Mira Sethi’s interview

Pakistani actor and model Osman Khalid Butt has recently mad appearance in a candid interview with Mira Sethi on her show, Hello! Mira Sethi.

The actor took the platform to reflect his views on Pakistani artists and culture. Butt who is also known as OKB has been voicing for social issues in the entertainment industry in the recent times.

The Balu Mahi actor, 34, talked about the strong polarization in the industry where many celebrities prefer to stay apolitical and silent on serious issues.

The Sanam famed star has never been afraid from speaking his mind and this time too, he expressed his disfavor over the petty culture of negativity and gossip.

OKB also reflected on the poor treatment of women and the overall negative attitude of Pakistanis at large in the local media industry. He held the industry and local content responsible for the vulgar manner in which people regard local art and artists. The Diyar-e-Dil actor said, "No one has ever been able to define to me what Pakistani culture really is.”

"I remember being young and doing folk dances — Sindhi, Balochi. I used to take part in all my annual school functions. No one ever said you're distorting our cultural and moral fabric,” he said.

On the culture that has been constantly evolving in the country, he said, "The problem is that our audience doesn't even know what liberal is. It's used as a cuss word now. 'You are pseudo-liberal, you are a western puppet. If you know such cool terminologies, then look at what philosophy feminism is. You think it is that women want to be vulgar?!"

He continued, "It's so strange to me because now the entire world is in your palms. Any information you want is on your phone. So this means that you don't want to study. It's a conscious decision. Had this been happening in 1980, I would've understood that oh, we don't have the means to educate ourselves. But now? What's your excuse now?”

OKB was last seen on TV screens with his blockbuster hit serial Ehd-e-Wafa. He made his debut with drama serial Aik Naee Cinderalla, opposite actor Maya Ali.

Watch the show here.

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