Navin Waqar opens up about being single and happy

Web Desk|January 09, 2021

Navin Waqar calls her choice of being single is better than marrying a wrong person

Navin Waqar calls her choice of being single is better than marrying a wrong person

Pakistani actress Navin Waqar recently opened up about her choice of being single in an Instagram interacting chat.

The actress, who started her career as a VJ, later shot to fame through her role as Sarah in blockbuster drama serialHumsafar.

Soon after celebrating the success of Humsafar, Waqar had made the announcement of marrying TV host Azfar Ali.

However, due to unfortunate consequences, the couple decided to part ways after three-years of marriage.

After her divorce, the Bewafa famed actress has decide to stay single and enjoy her life on her own. In her recent Instagram chat with Showbiz Mania, Waqar, 36, answered why she chose to stay single.

Waqar said that. “There is nothing wrong with being single first of all. I think it is one of the most important phases of a woman’s life where she is independent, where she is getting to live her dreams, achieves her goals, and live life to its fullest. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

She expressed her frustrations over the question getting asked again and again about her marriage. She said, “So many aunties ask me when I am getting married. And my usual reply to them is that it is better to be single and happy than marry the wrong person.”

Waqar continued, “If I ever mistakenly go to someone’s wedding many aunties asks me ‘Beta Shadi Kab Horahi Hai’ and I am like why this question just because I’m a woman, there are 15 men standing behind me who are balding, aging nobody says anything.”

She added, “What I say to them is that it’s better to stay single and happy rather than marrying a wrong man. If it’s written in your fate, nothing can come in the way of that.”

Currently, Waqar can be seen playing a lead character inChalawa.

Waqar also advised young women to not to listen to any kind of trash talk that comes your way and don’t let it get to you. “Understand that life is a gift and you are on this earth to do amazing things, and you don’t have to marry in order to achieve that. Marriage is a good thing. Everyone must get married but anybody who is struggling to get to that point and is single by choice or not by choice. I think it’s a great time to make a bucket list and just go for it achieve all the things, do wonderful things in your life, and brag about it. Being single is awesome, I think it’s awesome.”

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