Heres all to know about latest show ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan

Web Desk|January 09, 2021

‘Time out with Ahsan Khan’ would have games along with the question/answer session

'Here’s all to know about latest show ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan

Time out with Ahsan Khan is starting from 9th January. The talk show would have games as well with the question and answer session.

Ahsan Khan revealed more details about his latest show as he appeared in an interview with a publication and he promised that it would a roller coaster. He also added that the show is something that has never happened before, it will have fun and new things for the audience.

The Udaari star also told that around right to ten episodes have been shot. He also said that each episode would include five to seven segments.

Moreover, Ahsan emphasized that most important thing in shows is how the questions are framed. "I feel like it's all about words. You have to frame your questions in a manner that is not offensive to your guests. You certainly cannot ask someone to come on your show as your guest and then nitpick into their personal matters. You should make your guest comfortable enough; make sure they trust you to open up to you. It is a great responsibility” he stated.

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