Veena Malik files case against ex-husband for defamation

Web Desk|January 11, 2021

Veena Malik files case against ex-husband for defamation

On Monday, Veena Malik sued her former husband Asad Khattak for Rs.1 billion as she claimed that he caused loss to business opportunities, ruining her reputation, mental torture and loss to several contracts by launching smear campaign online against Malik.

The 36-year-old filed the case in sessions and district court with advocate Anjum Hameed. She plead that ‘she is a Pakistani actress, TV host, reality television personality and model who has appeared in Pakistani and Bollywood films’.

Veena’s appeal contended that she ‘enjoys the status of Pakistan's premier most celebrity and is idolised, admired and followed by millions of fans worldwide and in her native country of Pakistan’.

Malik had sought Rs. 400 million as loss of business opportunities, Rs. 500 million as loss of goodwill, Rs. 20 million for mental torture and Rs. 80 million as loss of multiple contracts in defamation case against ex-husband.

As per the plaintiff, “She got married with the defendant, out of this wedlock two children were born namely Abram Khan, son (October 22, 2014) and Amal Khan daughter (October 23, 2015), the same got dissolved by way of Khula which got effective on May 26, 2017”.

The case further contended, “That the defendant who was an ordinary man got popularity only after getting married with the plaintiff, still known as Veena Malik's ex-husband, has started defaming the plaintiff by levelling false accusations against the plaintiff on his social media accounts i.e. Facebook and Twitter, and also disseminated false information through vlogs by airing videos and giving interviews on various YouTube channels, deliberately hiding the truth”.

According to the lawsuit, “That the defendant's accusations being part of a well-thought conspiracy have caused tremendous financial loss and such loss is continuing to accrue. The plaintiff's existing contracts with media houses and other projects in Pakistan as a result of the malicious defamatory social media campaign are under threat of termination prematurely”.

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