WATCH: Ali Sethi drops new single ‘Mere Aur Hein Iraaday

Web Desk|January 11, 2021

Singer Ali Sethi released new track called ‘Mere Aur Hein Iraaday’

'WATCH: Ali Sethi drops new single ‘Mere Aur Hein Iraada

Recently, singer Ali Sethi released new song called Mein Aur Hein Iraaday. He is known for his wit and sense of style and he never disappoints his fans with his music.

The official video of the song features Sethi but it mainly focuses on music. It shows him going through glitches which go along with the song, specially “Ya jaza dey ya saza dey” (either reward me or punish me) and “Mere ashiyan mein kya hai? Mera ashiyan jala dey. Mein chaman mein khush nahi hun. Mere aur hein iraaday.” (What is left of my abode. Burn it down. I’m not happy in the gardens, I now have other plans.)

The newly released song portrays a continuous state of confusion of an individual. The difference between right and wrong is mostly understood by punishments and rewards one gets.

Watch the music video below:

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