Priyanka Chopra gets candid about plans of having kids with Nick Jonas

Web Desk|January 11, 2021

Priyanka Chopra opened up about quarantine with Nick Jonas and plans to have kids

Priyanka Chopra gets candid about plans of having kids with Nick Jonas

Recently, Priyanka Chopra discussed with a publication about how she has been spending time with husband Nick Jonas during quarantine and her plans about having children.

The 38-year-old said “I'm so grateful to have spent time with my husband”. She further revealed that neither cultural nor age differences were a barrier for the couple.

Chopra stated “Neither was a hurdle. Nick took to India like a fish to water. But just like a normal couple, you have to understand each other's habits and what each other likes. It's more of an adventure than trying to figure out hurdles”.

“None of it was really that hard. And quarantine gave us the ability to spend a lot of time together, which I'm really blessed by. Because with both of our careers it's hard to find that kind of time” the actress continued.

Moreover, the star admitted that being away from her loved ones in India has been ‘difficult’ but Nick made things easier for her.

“Although it has been really difficult being apart from my mom and brother, who are both in India, I'm so grateful to have spent time with my husband, family and dogs” she added.

The Fashion star also talked about having kids with Nick. “I do want children, as many as I can have” she further added.

“To me, I've been a public person for more than half my life. But that's not what dictates my decisions” Chopra stated as she spoke about her relationship which is not private.

“It's so comforting to find a person who is in your corner. Whatever I may be in my professional life or how the world perceives me, I'm just a girl trying to live her life in the best way possible” the Bollywood star added.

“I'm so grateful to have a partner in doing that” she concluded.

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