Frieha Altafs WhatsApp account gets restored after hacking incident

Web Desk|January 12, 2021

Frieha Altaf’s access to WhatsApp account has been restored after getting hacked

Frieha Altaf’s WhatsApp account gets restored after hacking incident

On Monday, Frieha Altaf took to Twitter to announce that her WhatsApp account has been hacked. She tweeted and warned everyone to be careful if they receive any kind of code.

The PR mogul was extremely upset and expressed her disappointment on twitter. “Seriously upset! My WhatsApp got hacked & the person is messaging my friends!” she tweeted.

“Guys watch out if someone even a friends number asks you for codes. Call your friend to verify if it’s them! They just want data. It happened to my buddy in Dubai & I got hacked,” she added.

However, few hours later, Altaf in a follow-up tweet informed about getting her WhatsApp restored, “Got the WhatsApp back! These Hackers need to be taken to task for their mischief!”

Frieha recently arranged and hosted Lux Style Awards which took place virtually for the first time.

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