Ushna Shah requests society to normalize speaking about womens menstrual health

Web Desk|January 14, 2021

Ushna Shah is breaking the stereotypes as she speaks about women’s menstrual health

Ushna Shah requests society to normalize speaking about women’s menstrual health

Prominent Pakistani actress and model Ushna Shah has once again taken up her stand to speak on one of the taboo subjects in the society which is, women’s menstrual health.

The Balaa famed actress took her social media platform to express her views and requested society to normalize talking about women’s health. She took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a picture of herself taken on the sets of her upcoming project, she can be seen with a hot water bottle pressed against her belly as she has been taking rest.

She called on men specially mentioning Pakistani men and said, “Dear men! Normalize being normal about women's Time of The Month please.”

The Cheekh actress continued, “You can not begin to imagine how difficult this time is for us. The difficulty varies from woman to woman but for many of us it is a week (or more) of pure hell.”

“I am talking PMS or even PMDD symptoms for a week prior to the actual cycle: Mood Swings, Depression, Indigestion, Nausea, Hunger, Acne, Insomnia, (to name a few) And then the day comes when it begins. It is uncomfortable, messy, PAINFUL (the cramps, oh God the cramps), the swelling (note my hands), bloating, water retention, many of the previous symptoms..” she added.

The actress took her responsibility as a famous celebrity to voice on serious topics and explained how difficult it is for women. She further penned that, “The truth is, all women go through this and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If we take away the embarassment and the shame and stop being awkward about it, you can help us deal with it and make our days easier.”

Shah, 30, explained the struggle that women go through during their periods in the society for period shaming which, she called is something completely natural, she said, “For example: This picture is from right now. I walked on to a set filled with men, by a production house run entirely by men. Not a single woman on set aside from me. But thankfully, I could open up to my team and these men went out of their way to make sure I'd be as comfortable as possible. From a hot water bottle (and continous refils) to soup to rest between takes, I am in good hands today (thank you Big Bang). Please make it so that the women in your home and workplace are also in good hands! Happy Monday – Ush.”

She concluded her post with some useful tips that could be very useful for women during that time of the month and wrote, “P. S: Chocolate helps! Even some kind words make a huge difference. Ask how we are, give us a day off if you have the authority, stock the loo with tissues and trash baskets (please), if we are having an emotional moment.. Be understanding (but dont blame PMS if we react to something bad you did, lol).”

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