Yasir Hussain schools netizens for criticizing Cannoli Café owners in English

Web Desk|January 24, 2021
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Yasir Hussain schools netizens for criticizing Cannoli Café owners in English

Pakistani actor and theatre artist Yasir Hussain has always been a vocal celebrity of the town whenever it comes to speak on injustice or inequality.

Recently, the actor has taken up a dig on the netizens who have been criticizing and sharing their thoughts on the Cannoli incident and the criticism the owners received for humiliating their manager.

The Karachi Se Lahore actor turned to his Instagram stories and wrote, “[The] interesting fact is that owner of Cannoli made fun of their manager’s English and everyone (including my actor fraternity) raised their voice in English.”

“Did anyone think why the manager needed to speak English? “From where did this complex come into our society?” he questioned.

“We have made English cool and Urdu a symbol of illiteracy. It is something to be ashamed of,” he added.

In the viral video, the owners of Cannoli Café Soul in Islamabad, mocked their manager, who had been working at their café for nine years and cannot speak fluent English.

Several celebrities including Sheheryar Munawar, Adnan Siddiqui, Sarah Khan, Shaniera Akram and Ahsan Khan among others slammed the women for their distasteful comments and behavior.

Hussain has also schooled a user after they returned to the fact that English is a qualification, irrespective of what anyone says. The internet user commented on the matter and said, "Jahalat (Ignorance) at its peak, okay, those girls are wrong.. Everyone is saying English is just a language and Urdu is our language. But English is a part of our education and we need to learn English too instead of ignoring it. No one knows Urdu outside of Pakistan and India, we need to know English to communicate with non-Pakistani people. Learning English is not rocket science and it doesn't harm anyone," they wrote.

However, Hussain, 36, replied in a schooling manner and said, "Do you know anything about China, Russia, Spain and the rest of Europe? They don't speak English. Apni zabaan pe fakhar karo Parveen baji (Take pride in their own language)."

Sharing the commented post of his response on his Insta stories, the Baaji actor went on to add, “Even our Pathan brother can teach you how to own your language."

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