Designer Wardha Saleem shares details about Bakhtawar Bhuttos bridal dress

Web Desk|February 11, 2021
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Designer Wardha Saleem shares details about Bakhtawar Bhutto's bridal dress

Ever since prominent figure Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari and Mahmood Choudhry tied the knot last month, the entire town has been busy discussing the beautiful bridal dress Bakhtawar chose for her big day.

The stunning golden and ivory heavily embellished dress has been rumored to be woven with gold and diamonds. Designer Wardha Saleem, who designed Bakhtawar’s bridal outfit, recently shared details about creating the dress.

The Karachi-based designer revealed that 45 craftsmen were dedicated to design and customize the dress according to Bakhtawar’s wish in an interview with BBC Urdu on Wednesday.

Saleem revealed that she was excited but not under pressure about designing the outfit for Bakhtawar, adding that her team enjoyed working on the dress knowing how much confidence Bakhtawar had on their brand.

The talented designer denied the rumors about work of gold and diamonds on the dress. "Neither did we use a gold wire nor did we put in diamonds on this dress," said Saleem.

“Bakhtawar wanted a dress which would go with the sapphire blue jewelry that was worn by Benazir Bhutto on her wedding day. For this reason, we used lots of blue tones along with silvers and golds,” said Saleem. She also detailed that the dress contained the high-quality and decent material from local markets in Pakistan.

Normally, it takes 6-7 months to make such a dress but due to limited time, Saleem’s team did day and night shifts to design it. She said that it took 7,000 hours to her team design the dress.

Saleem said that her brand uses the most decent designs for bridal dresses. She revealed that Bakhtawar's bridal dress contained the most high-quality and decent material from local markets in Pakistan.

She referred to Bakhtawar as a "dream bride", saying that she had trusted them completely because after a couple of meetings she told us that she didn’t doubt her capability.

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