Mooroo aka Taimoor Salahuddin on marriage and improving content

Web Desk|February 20, 2021

Mooroo gave rare insight into marriage with Eruj Hadi and talked about banning culture

Mooroo aka Taimoor Salahuddin on marriage and improving content

Mooroo aka Taimoor Salahuddin recently appeared in an interview and revealed how he makes his content better, his married life and his thoughts about banning culture in Pakistan.

Mooroo is a great vlogger and a rapper who is known for his online parody videos which guarantees to make anyone laugh.

While talking about his married life, the artist said, “Whenever I met someone and saw them as my partner, I would initially tell them that if there will be love (between us), only then there will be a marriage. Then I finally fell in love and got married. And it was imperative for me to reflect that”.

Mooroo told wife Eruj Hadi helped him in making their wedding video. He said, “When I started editing the video, I could only see that it was through my eyes. So, I asked her to write her point of view. Hence, you see one thing from my perspective and then you see something entirely different from hers. It was a good collaboration. I have seen so many wedding videos; I just wanted to tell a story”.

Mooroo revealed he met Eruj at sets of a song he had written for his ex. He stated, “It was the first music video by Salman Noorani. He was the one who got Eruj and was scared of her as well. I am afraid of her sometimes too. She's very self-sufficient and you can't boss her around”.

The artist also told that he loves making videos on evolution and education. He shared, “I have an interest in such topics. I keep thinking and pondering over them. Since I keep absorbing such content, I want to impart the same to my audience”.

Sharing his views on banning culture, Mooroo said, “I am absolutely against it. Everything is being banned here without thinking of its repercussions. If there's a platform, then whatever narrative is being presented on it, should be for the people to decide. TikTok has managed to highlight stories of the rural class. No other medium had given them the opportunity to share their narrative before. It is a democratic move, it should never be banned”.

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