Ushna Shah wants Pakistanis to get over fairness complex

Web Desk|March 10, 2021

Ushna Shah praised a woman of color and asked Pakistanis to get over ‘gora complex’

Ushna Shah wants Pakistanis to get over skin color complex

Pakistani actress, Ushna Shah took to Instagram and shared a picture of Nyma Tang,who is a famous American beauty vlogger, and praised her while urging that Pakistanis end their obsession with light skin tones.

Tang is a beauty YouTuber and she is known for speaking out against discrimination based on person’s skin tone. She calls out brands that don’t make products for people of color.

The 31-year-old wrote, “Dear [the majority of] Pakistanis, please get out of your enslaved colonial mind-sets because you are missing out on some serious beauty. I mean, just wow.”

Shah often uses her social media platforms to raise awareness about prevalent problems in Pakistani society.

She once addressed men and said, “Dear men, Normalise being normal about women's time of the month, please. You cannot begin to imagine how difficult this time is for us. The difficulty varies from woman to woman but for many of us, it is a week (or more) of pure hell.”

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