Julian Assange walks free after plea deal with US

Julian Assange spent five years in a British prison while fighting extradition to the US

Julian Assange walks free after plea deal with US
Julian Assange walks free after plea deal with US

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been freed from the UK prison after agreeing to plead guilty to a single charge of breaching the espionage law in the US.

According to Reuters, Assange was charged with a conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defence information.

Wikileaks announced the release of Assange, saying, “He left Belmarsh maximum security prison on the morning of June 24 after having spent 1901 days there. He was granted bail by the High Court in London and was released at Stanstead airport during the afternoon, where he boarded a plane and departed the UK.”

As per court documents, the 52-year-old Australian editor is due to be sentenced to time served of 62 months, time he had already served in British prison. Once the guilty plea is accepted, he will be free to return to his birth country, Australia.

Wikileaks, in a statement posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), said, “This is the result of a global campaign that spanned grass-roots organisers, press freedom campaigners, legislators, and leaders from across the political spectrum, all the way to the United Nations.”

The media company further stated, “After more than five years in a 2x3-metre cell, isolated 23 hours a day, he will soon reunite with his wife, Stella Assange, and their children, who have only known their father from behind bars.”

Moreover, Stella Assange also shared a video of her husband boarding a plane on X. She wrote, “Julian is free!!!! Words cannot express our immense gratitude to YOU—yes, YOU, who have all mobilised for years and years to make this come true. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU."