Elon Musk shames political parties for mud-dragging each other

Elon Musk partitions campaigns into ‘liars and fools’

Elon Musk has opened up about his views on different political parties’ mudslinging acts amid the ongoing presidential election campaigns.

Hopping on his X profile, he declared, “Anyone who claims that their political party does no wrong, and the other party does no right, is either a liar, a fool, or both.”

According to Times of India, the Tesla Motors CEO must have felt compelled to make this statement as party battles for the November 5 voting day are intensifying.

With President Joe Biden clashing strongly with his Republican contestant, Donald Trump, the race has become a muddle.

Elon Musk’s political opinions however aren’t something new.

Earlier in January, he had shaken hands with Donald Trump to “denounce a controversial Senate border deal that President Joe Biden described as the ‘toughest’ set of reforms.”

He went ahead to call the introduction of an open border policy “undeniable.”

Later, Elon Musk announced, “As a general rule, if you believe everything your political party says, you are an idiot.”

But his support for Donald Trump isn’t surprising either. In 2022, he had openly stated of supporting the Republican Party, leaving the Democrats behind.