US Navy aircraft flies through Taiwan Strait following China-US defense talks

China's military called the American Navy aircraft flight a 'publicity stunt'

US Navy aircraft flies through Taiwan Strait following China-US defense talks
American Navy patrol aircraft flies through Taiwan Strait few hours after China-US defence talks

The US Navy conducted a flight through the Taiwan Strait on Wednesday, shortly after China cautioned the US about the sensitivity of the Taiwan matter during a discussion between defense leaders of both countries.

As reported by Reuters, P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance plane, which is also used for anti-submarine missions, flew over the Strait in international airspace.

Soon after American aircraft flew over Taiwan, China's military dubbed this as a "publicity stunt" by US Navy.

However, the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet in it's official statement, clarified that, "By operating within the Taiwan Strait in accordance with international law, the United States upholds the navigational rights and freedoms of all nations." 

It further added, "The aircraft's transit of the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the United States' commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific." 

Meanwhile, Taiwan's defense ministry reported that the U.S. aircraft flew south through the strait, and Taiwanese forces kept an eye on it but didn't notice anything unusual. 

Last December, when the U.S. Navy announced a Poseidon had flown through the strait, China's military said it had sent fighter jets to monitor and warn the aircraft.

To note, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chinese Minister Dong Jun held their first virtual meeting, since November 2022, to discuss the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.