Sharmin Segal ‘graciously’ handles bullying Sanjeeda Shaikh critics

Sharmin Segal was trolled for bullying her ‘Heeramandi’ co-star Sanjeeda Shaikh

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Sharmin Segal ‘graciously’ handles bullying Sanjeeda Shaikh critics

Sharmin Segal has “graciously” slammed down the trolls that accessed her for Heeramandi bullying Sanjeeda Shaikh.

The newbie actress received a lot of hate and trolls for her acting in the hit series, specifically for her “outsider” remarks about Sanjeeda.

During a recent conversation with Times Now, Sharmin reflected on the viral clip.

She shared, “Again this is something I don't know. What I do know is that my interviews were being taken out of context and some of my co-stars have spoken graciously as to how these interviews were taken out of context.”

Sharmin continued, “I share a very cordial equation with both Aditi and Sanjeeda. I wish that people would not use 10 second out of context clips to define the relationship I share with them.”

She portrayed a character called Alamzeb, Manisha Koirala aka Mallikajaan's younger daughter in the shot.

Previously, Sharmin revealed that she “watched Heeramandi just once.”

The star noted that she does not like over-watching her work.

“I only watch as much as required. You do get feedback and you need to reflect on everything that’s being said to you because as an actor, you don’t always get to go to the monitor and see what you’ve done,” she explained.

For the unversed, Sharmin is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s niece and she made her acting debut with Malaal opposite Meezaan Jafri.