Richa Chadha criticizes everyone who's blaming Shilpa Shetty amid Raj Kundra case


Richa Chadha came to Shilpa Shetty’s defense amid her husband Raj Kundra’s case. Richa called out society for “blaming women for the mistakes of the men in their lives”. She reacted to a tweet by Hansal Mehta, who requested fans and media to give Shilpa “dignity and privacy” while the law takes its course.

Shilpa sued news portals and social media platforms that are publishing “‘incorrect, false, malicious and defamatory” content against her. Keeping that in mind, Richa quoted Hansal’s tweet and wrote:

“We’ve made a national sport out of blaming women for the mistakes of the men in their lives. Glad she’s suing.”

On Friday, Hansal took to his Twitter to show solidarity with Shilpa and criticized other Bollywood celebrities for their silence about this depressing ordeal. He tweeted:

“If you cannot stand up for her at least leave Shilpa Shetty alone and let the law decide? Allow her some dignity and privacy. It is unfortunate that people in public life ultimately are left to fend for themselves and are proclaimed guilty even before justice is meted out.”

Shilpa’s husband Raj Kundra was found to be allegedly involved in the production and distribution of inappropriate content through an app called Hotshots. He was arrested earlier this month and is currently in judicial custody.