Manoj Bajpayee reveals he has been threatened on calls at odd hours


Actor Manoj Bajpayee revealed that he would often get calls at odd hours from frivolous people who would threaten him and bully him. But, he learned a lesson from that conundrum, and now Manoj is unreachable through calls after 7:30 in the evening.

In his forthcoming movie, Dial 100, Manoj is playing the role of a police officer who gets a terrifying call from a grieving mother, played by Neena Gupta, who is out there to seek revenge for her son’s death.

During a conversion with Zoom, Manoj was asked if he has ever received any scary calls in real life. Manoj replied affirmatively and said, “Oh, many times! In my earlier days, I used to pick up every call and they used to call at odd hours like 12.30-1.30 am. Sometimes people used to bully me, sometimes they would have fun at my cost, sometimes they used to threaten me because they were drunk and were just having fun. Those were the early days."

“But after that, now I do not pick up any call after 7:30 pm. I am talking to you this late evening because this is the job that I have to do. Otherwise, after 7-7.30pm, I put my phone on silent and put it away,” he added.

Dial 100 is all set for a direct-to-digital release on Zee5 on August 6.