Ali Fazal say he doesn't want to see cheery slogans after pandemic is over

جنگ نیوز

Actor Ali Fazal opened up about how he’s perceiving the world after several months of the Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of uncountable lives during that time. He said that once people start going back to work after the second wave of coronavirus, he hopes to see no one use happy slogans.

According to Fazal, people have suffered from so much loss that they have desensitized themselves from feeling any sense of despair, but he has high hopes everyone will take time and make dedicated efforts to relearn compassion and empathy.

While recounting the moment that made him fully understand the gravity of the situation and pain endured by all as a “collective society,” Fazal said:

“I lost my grandfather earlier this year, aur main Lucknow gaya and everybody in the house had Covid. I felt like it was a very privileged loss kyunki main bahar ja raha hun aur wahan maine dekhe ke ek kilometre tak chitiyan jal rahi hai,”

Fazal reckoned that it will take time for us to come out of this phase and get back to normal. He further added, “Like I don’t want to see a slogan that says, ‘Hey, we’ve come back on our feet and let’s go to work’. Sure, that’s fine, and positive. We are allowed to do that, but the real work lies (somewhere else), like being able to talk to people about anything and everything to cope up.”