Kareena Kapoor shows interesting way to devour pizza in new video


Actor Kareena Kapoor shared an adorable video on Wednesday afternoon, in which she is seen enjoying a pizza and gushing about her love for it. Kareena revealed that she used to greatly enjoy pizzas during her pregnancies and would often devour one after the other.

In the video, she is sitting in what appears to be her balcony, with the plants, and she’s adorned in a comfortable looking night-suit. Kareena is bare-faced and has her hair tied up in a bun. Kareena went on to open the lid of a pizza box and showed a fascinating way of eating a slice— one slice on top of the other. In the clip, she said:

"Here's an interesting thing you guys ‘knead’ to know about me. When I was pregnant... I was a pizza-guzzling girl who would demolish one pizza after another and my friends would just watch in disbelief. I've captured this and more of my pregnancy journey in my book."

Kareena recently announced the release of her debut book titled Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible. The book is coming out later this month. With the release date looming closer, Kareena has been sharing hilarious and riveting anecdotes from her two pregnancies.

She had previously mentioned her unwavering sense of fashion and TV shows she binged on during her pregnancy days.