Vidya Balan reveals she was offered many biopics but only picked a few

جنگ نیوز

Actor Vidya Balan is picky when it comes to picking biopics, and the reason behind that is “not every biopic” is effective. She revealed that over the course of her career, vidya has been offered many biopics but she ended up picking only a few of them.

Vidya mentioned that the structure of a biopic should be exhilarating because according to her most of them have the same structure which “can get boring after a while.” During a conversation with Pinkvilla, Vidya explained what makes a biopic “impactful or well made” and said:

“I have been offered so many biopics, but I decided on doing very few. Sometimes, it’s an inspiring story but not dramatic or cinematic enough. A biopic needs all the elements to be interesting. At times, it is great to read about somebody but you don’t see it as a celluloid experience."

She continued, "There is an explosion of biopics but not every biopic is going to be watched. Only good ones will work and there has to be something unique that differentiates a biopic from the other ones.”

Vidya is of the opinion that to make the audience watch someone else’s lifestory, it is of utter important to tell the story correctly and in an interesting manner. She added, “Just an inspiring story or personality is not enough for a biopic, it has to be told in a unique manner. There could be 100s of them, but only a few will make the cut.”

The actress has so far played the late actor Silk Smitha in her biopic The Dirty Picture (2011), and last year she did the biopic of and as Shakuntala Devi.