ranveer singh is estactic to learn ISL will be taught in Indian schools

جنگ نیوز

Actor Ranveer Singh is over the moon to learn that Indian Sign Language (ISL) has now become part of the Indian educational curriculum. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently made it official and now students will be learning the ISL.

Ranveer has been hoping for a long time for this to happen. Previously, he has urged the authorities to consider and declare Indian Sign Language (ISL) as the 23rd official language of India. Last year, the Padmaavat star signed a petition to make a promise that he would work in raising awareness about this cause.

While appreciating the step taken by the government, Ranveer told Hindustan Times that he’s ecstatic to see the change toward “fostering inclusivity.”

“I’m proud that my country has taken such a progressive step towards fostering inclusivity. This is going to tremendously benefit scores of people and mark a monumental shift regarding their rights,” he shared, adding, “This step will create a ripple effect in providing equal access for them and empower the community to conquer the world.”

Ranveer further said that the decision will help over three lakh differently-abled people in the country, who are currently dependent on sign language for communicating. He also credited the citizens for taking steps to raise awareness about this significant issue.

The actor’s independent record label, IncInk, which he has formed with Navzar Eranee, also became the first record label to launch sign language music videos to ensure inclusivity and earned great response.