Sonam Kapoor recalls being mocked after release of 'Aisha'

جنگ نیوز

Actor Sonam Kapoor opened up about the bullying she faced after her 2010’s movie Aisha. The film recently marked its 11 years and to commemorate the occasion, Sonam and her sister Rhea held a session of Clubhouse, where they also touched the topic of facing obstacles and brutal criticism both before and after the film’s release.

There is no doubt that Aisha became the ultimate reason for which Sonam was declared the official fashion diva, but yet there were people who didn’t get on board with the film. According to Rhea, her sister was laughed at and mocked by people for dressing up. Rhea even narrated an anecdote about how a film director made fun of Sonam at a party.

Rhea told a publication that “an emerging director then, who is well established now, looked at Sonam's outfit and said, 'Where is Sonam Kapoor going in this outfit."

Sonam also shared that people who praised her before for her conventional roles turned their backs on her after the release of Aisha. The actress revealed that despite the bullying, the fashion industry stood behind her.

"The fashion industry supported more than the film industry,” Sonam shared. “In the film industry, I was like a fish out of the water, but the fashion industry found me understandable."