Sonu Sood gives a shoutout to sandal salesman in Srinagar to promote his business

جنگ نیوز

Actor Sonu Sood, who is now known for his helping and altruistic nature, was now on a mission to help a small vendor who has been selling shoes for over ten years.

Sonu recently paid a visited to a street vendor in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. He later took to his official IG handle to post a video, in which he’s seen conversing with Shameem Khan— who sells sandals.

In the video, Sonu Sood first introduced the vendor and then asked him about the prices of his products. His liking for a child’s sandal prompted him to ask "Bacchon ki chappal kitne ki hai (How much are the children's sandals for)?" Shameem replied, " ₹50." Sonu continued, "Isse khoobsoorat aapne 50 rupaaye ki chappal nahi dekhi hogi (You wouldn't have seen such a beautiful pair of sandals for children for ₹50)."

Sonu’s eyes then fell on a pair of sandals for himself and asked, "Baro ki chappal (Sandals for elders)?" The vendor said, "Yeh ₹120." Sonu then went on to inquire, "Yeh 50 mein nahi doge (You won't sell it for ₹50)?"

The vendor turned down his offer and pointed to another pair which he was seeling for ₹50, to which Sonu said, "Arey theek theek rate lagao dada yaar... Last rate kya hai? (Quote a reasonable price... What is the last price)."

In the end, Sonu asked if Shameem will be giving anyone a discount if they mention the star’s name, to which the vendor replied, “20 percent.”

While giving a shoutout, Sonu said, "20 percent discount mere naam pe (You will get 20 percent discount in my name)” and then wished Shameen goodluck for his business and bid him goodbye.

Sonu captioned the video, "Our Chappal Showroom 20%discount on my name #supportsmallbusiness #support #shoes #shoplocal #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness."