Alia Bhatt pleading not to be called a “global icon” goes viral: watch

Alia Bhatt pleading not be called a “global icon” goes viral
Alia Bhatt feels embarrassed upon being praised at 'Poacher' trailer launch

Alia Bhatt’s video of feeling embarrassed upon being called a global icon has stormed the internet with speed.

As an executive producer for Poacher, she was recently present at the series’ trailer launch in Mumbai, where the host began introducing her by stating that some praises have to be first said for the star’s achievements as an actress.

Standing on the stage, Alia pulled a nervous face and responded by protesting, “No, no, no. You can tell me in my ear later.”

The host then said, “Okay, we’ll start with… How about a global icon?”

As soon as the Student of the Year lead heard this compliment, she shut her eyes close and started shaking her head simultaneously, then embarrassingly threatened, “No, no, please. I’m gonna walk off the stage.”

“Actor par excellence, producer, entrepreneur, and now of course… executive producer!” the speaker concluded.

Alia’s reaction to these flattering remarks was that she still blushed excessively and smiled in an anxious manner all the while.

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Now that this humble interaction has gone viral, fans are cheering the celebrity by calling her a “down to earth star.”

Directed by Richie Mehta, Poacher will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime, starting February 23.