'Shaitaan' trailer out, Janki Bodiwala thumps hearts again

'Shaitaan' trailer out, Janki Bodiwala thumps hearts again
Ajay Devgn, Jyothika Saravanan to save Janki Bodiwala from a 'possessive' R Madhavan

Shaitaan’s makers have finally unveiled its much-awaited trailer!

The video shows actor R Madhavan in a role that’s very different from the ones he has played previously, whereas Ajay Devgn has carried forward his protective fatherly figure from the 2015 blockbuster, Drishyam.

Just like that picture was a remake of a Malayalam film of the same name, Shaitaan is also the Hindi recreation of a Gujarati movie called Vash, which was released last year only.

Fans have quickly pointed out that the newly published trailer is a scene-by-scene copy of the trailer that was released for the original production.

While many have expressed disappointment over no room for experimenting with the already available plot, others are looking forward to catch Janki Bodiwala reenact her character.

The actress was also a part of Vash, where she played the pivotal character of the family’s daughter, who is being controlled by a black magician entering their house unexpectedly.

Through the trailer, it seems that she is once again ready to impress audiences with her well-articulated energy and expressions.

Another person of interest is Madhavan. He is the voodoo practitioner in question, and has added considerable intensity for reprising the prior performance.

Shaitaan is set to release on June 10 in cinemas. Makers say it’s when “hell will break loose.”