Bollywood stars under fire for going to Maldives amid Covid-19 surge

Web Desk|April 23, 2021
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Bollywood stars under fire for going to Maldives amid Covid-19 surge

India’s Covid situation is getting worse day by day, there is lack of beds and oxygen supplies for the patients and many are being denied treatment. This week, Delhi reported 249 deaths due to the virus and 24,368 new cases of Covid-19.

Despite the ongoing situation in the country, several Bollywood actors went to Maldives for vacation including Sara Ali Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Tara Sutatia, Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Pandey, Shraddha Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri.

Rohini Iyer, who is a celebrity talent manager and handles accounts of many Bollywood stars called out these actors for vacationing amid India's Covid-19 crisis. She took to Instagram and wrote, “For all of you vacationing in Maldives and Goa and exotic locales, remember it’s a holiday for you. It’s a [expletive] pandemic all over. So don’t be an insensitive idiot and post pictures of your privileged life. You are not only coming across as brainless but also completely blind and tone dead.”

She added, “This is the time to step up and help or if you can’t do anything, then shut up and stay home! Or stay quiet in your holiday home. Masked up. No photos. This is not Fashion Week.”

Celebrity columnist, Shobhaa De reposted Iyer’s posts and added, “Hello! Listen up! Loved this post passionately articulated by Rohini Iyer. Enjoy the Maldives by all means. You are blessed if you can get such a break in these bleak times. But do everyone a favour and keep it private.”

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