Kangana Ranaut reveals exact foods she eats to stay fit

Web Desk|May 03, 2021

Kangana Ranaut shared what she eats in a day, from breakfast to dinner

Kangana Ranaut reveals exact foods she eats to stay fit

On Monday, Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut took to Twitter and shared what exactly she eats in a day to stay in shape and healthy.

The Queen star tweeted, “Some people want to know what I eat in a day will take you through my day as and when I eat see if it helps with weight or immunity, I start my day with a glass of water( too much water is overrated)then in sometime I take one Kadak chai with normal sugar+soaked almonds +raisins.”

She went on, “Look I am not very fancy with my diet, I like to eat what my mom raised me on, mostly local food,I tend to have high pitta, chai/coffee not good for me, to compensate for acidic tea I take alkaline raisins(soaked), people with high pitta might benefit from my diet.”

The 34-year-old emphasized on the importance of drinking water, she wrote, “Time for some coconut water, you can also take fresh lime or butter milk if you don’t live in coastal area.... Note this is my diet when I am not working, at work I mostly add small snack with this drink...”

She added, “After yoga and meditate some fruits, Mumbai homes are very small in lock down hardly much activity, so I avoid cooked meals for breakfast if you are much younger or physically working a lot then of course this kind of diet is not for you.”

Ranaut revealed what she eats in afternoon, she tweeted, “Lunch is mostly daal, Sabzi and rice, my comfort food is North Indian style pakoda kadi with rice and sometimes I like Maharashtrian pomfret fish curry or pan fried it. Curd is a must in this weather for me also I tend to squeeze lemon in daal and sabzi it alkalises everything..”

The actor further added, “Filter coffee with some cashews, coffee is not good for people with too much fire in them which anyway causes high pitta dosha but I used to take 3-4 cups a day reduced to one now, coffee is something I really look forward to .... isn’t it divine.”

Ranaut concluded with what she eats at night, she stated, “at home I like khichadi or curd rice or salads for dinner with turmeric shot. Hope this helps.”

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