Shakti Kapoor says India will come out of Covid crisis once fully vaccinated

Web Desk|May 04, 2021

Shakti Kapoor is heartbroken to see the whole country fall apart before his eyes

Actor Shakti Kapoor is heartbroken to see the whole country fall apart before his eyes as the death toll increase every day.

TheShimla Mirchi actor made a comment on the grim situation of the country as things are slowly, but surely, getting out of hands and said that death is lurking ever so near now. Kapoor shared a personal anecdote to explain the gravity of the situation and said this is the time to make the right decisions.

“The past one year has been so difficult. Death has come so close now,” he said. “Pehle bolte the marne wala hai, marne wala hai aur ussme dus saal lag jaate the (at first, people used to take 10 years to die after their death was predicted.) Now, people are dropping like flies.”

“What is death now? It’s so easy. I just heard that a friend’s brother went to the hospital in the morning and in the evening he was no more. It’s so unpredictable,” he shared a painful anecdote to explain his point.

According to the 68-year-old actor, the only way India can resurface from this catastrophe is to get everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.

“My daughter Shraddha’s friend recently came over from Israel and she said that nobody in her country wear masks anymore. The government has vaccinated almost 85 to 90 per cent of the population. They’re leading a healthy life and roaming around freely. So, it’s not that our country can’t fight the virus. We can, once we all are vaccinated, even though I know that our population is huge,” he added.

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