Aftab Shivdasani on his Bollywood break: ‘I dont compromise on quality

Web Desk|June 09, 2021
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'Aftab Shivdasani on his Bollywood break: ‘I don’t compromise on quality

Indian actor, Aftab Shivdasani appeared in an interview and shared the reason behind not working in films since past few years.

The Masti actor said, “I was offered stuff in the recent past, but whatever came my way, didn’t interest me.”

Shivdasani added “I have always looked at doing quality stuff. I have stood by keeping the standards high. I don’t believe in running after anything and picking up whatever comes my way. I always wanted to do stuff that would creatively satisfy me or maintain a certain benchmark of work I have done in the past. I would never compromise on quality and chase quantity.”

The actor spends more time in UK with daughter Nevaeh and wife Nin Dusanj, he visits Mumbai only for work.

Aftab shared, “In London we have to do everything on our own. So, I help my wife with cleaning and washing things in the house. Together we are raising a baby. I am a complete hands-on husband as we both equally share our responsibilities. Having said that I am sure Nin does more than me, and I just try to match up to her. I am living a very domesticated life here.”

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