Rajeev Sen quits YouTube channel after disappointment with followers

Web Desk|June 10, 2021

Sushmita Sen’s younger brother Rajeev Sen announced the sudden news of leaving YouTube as the majority of viewers did not subscribe to his channel.

He complained that he had been creating innovative and knowledgeable content for his viewers and yet only got 30% subscribers.

The content creator/ actor posted a video on his YouTube channel and penned it with an announcement “I’M QUITTING YOUTUBE (not a clickbait)”. He also said, "Thank you for loving me & my channel, my YouTube family , will never forget.....take care."

Rajeev continued, "Do you know how much hard work goes into making a YouTube video, especially those guys who put in a lot of effort into the vlog? You guys come easily, watch the content without subscribing. Going to the set, reading my lines and performing is ten times more easy than making a vlog like this, finding content for you guys, trying to entertain you, cracking jokes, doing things, educating you guys, giving you information and then doing the editing part. So that in the 10-15 minutes of vlog time, you guys enjoy and, at the same time, gain some knowledge.”

He added, “The time has come that I bid all you guys farewell...I'm quitting YouTube. You guys thought I'm joking, this is clickbait?’’

He gave his viewers a second chance and said, "If you guys want me not to quit YouTube, those who have not subscribed, do that, if you want me not to leave YouTube. It pains me to even think about leaving YouTube because I've always said that YouTube is like a family to me.”

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