Saba Qamar disassociates herself from feature film 8969

Web Desk|June 10, 2021

Actress Saba Qamar opened up about her not-so-favourite work in an interview. She shared that she is not comfortable associating herself with her 2016 thriller film 8969.

The Lahore Sa Agay star revealed that when she signed up for the film, she was told that the project is a telefilm, but later the creators change the genre and launched it as a feature film. Saba reckoned that this may have had to do something about her signing a contract in Bollywood for a film.

Azeem Sajjad’s directorial 8969 is a Pakistani thriller film. Saba Qamar starred in the mystery movie alongside new stars such as Hussain Tiwana, Sadaf Hamid, Anam Goher and Ali Jabran Khan in significant roles. The film was produced by A J Media Productions.

Saba shared her regret over the film being released as a feature and revealed that she was so desperate that she even offered a huge sum of money to the makers to not release it as a film. She said:

“I told them, you invested 5 lacs on the shoot, take 10 lacs from me but don’t release it as a film.”

However, Saba continued taking big projects after the release of 8969 and is grateful that the disappointment from the film didn’t tarnish her reputation.

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