Vidya Balan addresses issues of how society perceives women in leadership roles

Web Desk|June 11, 2021

Actress Vidya Balan weighs in on how women as leaders should be perceived in society and detailed her role in the film Sherni.

Vidya is one of the most renowned actresses of the Bollywood industry. She will be seen on the screen once again in her new film Sherni portraying the role of a female forest officer looking around for a Tigress.

The actress has been in the industry for a decade now and has a clear idea of how women are portrayed in it.

The topic of ‘women leadership’ was raised by Vidya after she played the role of the lead character, and related how men judged her in the film for leading from the front, and assuming a role which was customary for the male gender.

She explained that such discrimination was not only seen in films but reflected in real life, too. In a conversation with Pinkvilla, she said, "I think that's true not just of this film but of the world at large that men have been in charge and they feel that they know better."

She added, "It is not their fault because they've been brought up to believe that just as much we've been brought up to believe that we need to depend on the men in our lives."

She quoted, "Of course, it angers me. But, I think it angers all of us because we all have faced that kind of underestimation at some point in our lives. But, importantly, she (Vidya Vincent) doesn't let that deter her and limit her. She is a woman of very few words but she's very strong-willed and she decides that she will do what she has to do and she will do it the right way. It does not matter who supports her or who doesn't."

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