Somy Ali dishes how she supports herself financially after quitting acting

Eesha Iftikhar|July 19, 2021
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Former actress Somy Ali, who dated Salman Khan for a long time, exited from the world of showbiz two decades ago and is now directing all of her energy on her NGO, which focuses on domestic abuse survivors. She revealed that money means ‘nothing’ to her and there are more important things in the world to care about.

Somy explained that she is fortunate to come from a wealthy family, which allowed her to go after her dreams and work on things that are close to her heart.

"No More Tears work makes me happy. As far as materialism is concerned, my father was very wealthy; we lived in a 28-bedroom mansion, with a studio on the first floor,” Somy said while talking about her childhood. “My father had started out as a cameraman and made his first million dollars through his first film as a producer in Pakistan.”

During her interview with the leading daily, Somy was also asked how she sustains her lifestyle after quitting from the films. She went into details and explained that not being materialistic has definitely helped her cause. Somy shared:

“Money doesn’t mean anything to me except when it comes to No More Tears, because we need donations to save more lives.”

"I am a homebody. I am single. I am not attracted to shiny objects like diamonds. Minimalistic stuff makes me happy. I don’t shop a lot. Most of my time goes with the victims, so, I don’t have time for anything else. Materialism has zero value in my life. If you are blessed, you have to give back. It is like paying rent on this planet," she added.