‘Fame is transient, I don’t crave fame or recognition,’ says Randeep Hooda

Zainab Nasir|July 19, 2021
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‘Fame is transient, I don’t crave fame or recognition,’ says Randeep Hooda

Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda stressed over the fact that he does not crave for stardom or recognition, his only wish is to give his best to the job and learn from his experiences.

According to Randeep, fame does not last long, it fades away with time so working to achieve stardom is pointless.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Randeep said, “My job is just like anybody else. I’m in a contractual professional having contractual work. Every time you take up a contractual job, you’ve to fulfil it.”

He added, “Apart from that job, there’s not much of an interaction with the so-called industry so to speak. I don’t crave or give a damn about the awards or recognition.”

The Radhe star spoke up on his main focus, “The process of my work, my involvement and my ability is to give as much as I can on that particular day, and more every day. You learn as you grow in experience and age, like any other human being, getting a bit more empathy, (becoming) understanding of others.”

He concluded, “What matters is your work, and fame is a by-product of that. One shouldn’t be too mindful of the by-product, but be mindful about work in hand. It’s not a glamorous job, at least for me.”

Randeep’s Australian accent helped him enter into showbiz, in 2001.

The star has appeared in numerous films.