Armaan Malik wants to leave a 'positive footprint' on social media; read to know more

Zainab Nasir|July 22, 2021
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Armaan Malik wants to leave a 'positive footprint' on social media; read to know more

Singer Armaan Malik expressed that he wanted to spread positivity through his presence in the virtual world and urged his fans to do the same.

According to Armaan Malik, conversations on social media should spark kindness and understanding rather than negativity and criticism.

In a chat with Hindustan Times, Armaan Malik said, “In the pandemic, it’s really important that we’re there for each other. I may be going through a lot on my end, and we can just help each other by just being able to share that with people, or people sharing their stories with me.”

He added, “Not everyone has access to therapists, or psychiatrists who can help them. And then sometimes a few kind words by someone can change the whole mood, making one feel much less heavier.”

Armaan revealed, “It leads to a chain of people being able to voice what they are feeling. I want to create that chain online. I want to leave a very positive footprint on my social media. Some place where they are not scared to share what they are feeling. It takes a lot of courage on my end to put down my feelings out there. But that’s how things should be done.”

In conclusion, “Not a lot of musicians or artistes in our country actually put out their own merchandise. I want to take a step in that direction and change.”

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