Kabir Bedi on failed marriages: ‘I've let the chips fall as they may’

Sakina Mehdi|July 30, 2021
'Kabir Bedi on failed marriages: ‘I've let the chips fall as they may

Indian actor Kabir Bedi sat down for an interview and revealed why he wrote about his three failed marriages in his autobiography titled Stories I Must Tell.

Bedi stated, "I've not shied away from telling the truth about what caused those divorces. I've accepted my own frailties and guilt as well. A lot of people say to me, 'How can you be so frank? How can you be so honest?' Because I've told people things that people normally hide. I've let the chips fall as they may, this is my life, this is what I did. Let's tell it like it is."

The actor added, "A life is interesting only if it has drama in it. If you write an autobiography which is a catalogue of all your greatest achievements, all the wonderful things you did, all the wonderful people you met, your eyes glaze over.”

He further added, “A real story has to have drama, your hero down on the ropes, even after great success, how do you rebuild from that. Those are the stories that enliven my book, and that I've written about with all the truth I could summon."

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