Chunky Panday recalls giving career advice to daughter Ananya

Sakina Mehdi|July 31, 2021
Chunky Panday recalls giving career advice to daughter Ananya

Indian actor Chunky Panday sat down for an interview and revealed what advice he gave to his daughter Ananya Panday when was preparing to make Bollywood debut.

Panday said, “Well, I told her very important is don't imitate anyone else's success story because it's not going to work for you, carve out your own success story. And never underestimate or overestimate anyone.”

He added, “This is very important in our industry, especially. Because if someone has made a hit with someone else, it's not necessary that the person will deliver a hit with you. So don't chase the wrong person all the time, let things come to you. I mean, of course, go out and try and get them, but understand. Don't calculate too much; so much calculation is not good, but just understand it and you should feel happy doing it and it'll work for you”.

Chunky further shared how he feels when Ananya gets trolled on social media. He said, “You know, I actually feel bad for these kids because social media has great things too. Like, I mean, today you can put anything out there which you want. You don't need a PRO to do it, or you don't need to have the press coming and shooting a photograph.”

He further added, “So those are the good things, but of course, privacy invasion and a lot of other things, is what social media is notorious for. In our days we never had anything like this. I mean, there was no social media. There were no mobile phones with cameras. We could get away with murder (laughs), not literally, but as good as murder. But today the kids have to be very careful, especially when they put posts out there. But then I always say, if you live by the sword, you're going to die by the sword”.

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