‘International Friendship Day’: Jennifer Winget pens tribute for 25 years of friendship

Zainab Nasir|August 01, 2021
‘International Friendship Day’: Jennifer Winget pens tribute for 25 years of friendship

Actress Jennifer Winget stressed on the importance of friendship as she spoke up about her friends on International Friendship Day.

In the post Jennifer Winget could not stop gushing over being blessed with good friends since, nowadays good friendships are rare.

Winget in an interview with Hindustan Times said, “This Friendship Day, I want to thank my closest and oldest friends who’ve been with me since kindergarten.”

Talking about her best friends out of respect, Winget revealed, “Fondly called, Ruby and Sue, by me but we were known as the Amar, Akbar, Anthony in our younger days. We’ve stuck with each other since school and I am so proud to see how our bond has only grown stronger all these years and whatever life threw at us."

"We’ve seen each other through a series of heartbreaks, hangovers, dazed and drunken nights, crazy partying and some really interesting escapades disguised as vacations. We’ve also had our own share of fights in between.”

She further added, “My friends are my lifelines! The three of us have been friends for more than 25 years and that kind of friendship in today’s time is not only rare but priceless! We have respect, trust and understanding built over the years and each of us has the other’s back. This friendship is for life!”

Winget concluded by adding, “I can’t say! But if our friendship has lasted this long, I ought to have done somethings right and must definitely be good at being a friend. The love and sense of belonging that Ru and Su reciprocate has got to be testament to that. From friends to family, it can’t get any better than this!”

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