‘I do not allow anyone to come between me and my work’: Rashmika Mandanna

Zainab Nasir|August 03, 2021
‘I do not allow anyone to come between me and my work’: Rashmika Mandanna

Actress Rashmika Mandanna opened up on how she managed to work amid the pandemic as her parents were concerned about her safety.

Rashmika had recently bought a new house in Mumbai as she ventured from Telugu and Kannada to the Bollywood industry.

Until recently, Rashmika has been shooting for the film Goodbye alongside legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Rashmika said, “It has been amazing shooting with him. When you shoot for a long time, you gel with the other actors really well. It’s this blend, which gives performances that are really fun. I’ve been grateful enough to be doing that. We give out performances, and when people see your comfort, the director and everyone, they’re happy. It has been crazy.”

She concluded, “My parents were seeing what’s happening and knew that I’m an actor who has to remove her mask on set while shooting. But they can’t really say anything... it’s work,I don’t allow anyone to come between me and my work. My parents know I won’t listen if they say it’s not safe and I shouldn’t shoot. I’d be like, ‘But everyone else is’. There’s so much money being put in, I need to finish my work.”

Mandanna still stays cautious, knowing her parents’ concern is correct, so as to ensure the safety of her co-stars on sets and works under protocols.

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