Palak Tiwari opens up on ‘privilege’ of nepotism

Zainab Nasir|September 09, 2021

Palak Tiwari opens up on ‘privilege’ of nepotism

Palak Tiwari revealed her take on nepotism as she sat down for an interview with a publication.

According to the public, Palak is considered a nepotism kid due to her mother Shweta Tiwari being an actress.

In an exclusive interview with Pink Villa, Palak said, “Apart from the reasons that people list, I feel like not just for me, but for every other person that’s considered to be like a nepotism kid, even for them I think it’s a privilege just knowing your parents so personally - people that are so idealised by so many others. That I feel is such a privilege.”

She added, “Knowing this person’s moral ethic, their work ethics, and just knowing that about them I feel is such a privilege. Because that’s one thing only I have and nobody else has. Also yes from a career point of view, definitely. You cannot sit here and lie about that. Because like I said, in TV yes but in movies my mom doesn’t have those connections. I do have the recognition more than I deserve at this point, but I think it pretty much ends there in my context.”

“What I have always felt about nepotism, I believe that if you have as an actor the capability to come up with a director, a great production team and create this synergy that people love, that goes beyond where you come from, and goes beyond who your dad or mom is. They don’t care. So many great actors that we have, have been outsiders. Akshay (Kumar) Sir was an outsider, people have not sat here and said that I like him more because he is an outsider. They like him because they like him. If your work speaks volumes, it will always speak volumes, and you cannot deny that.”

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