Alankrita Sahai talks about trauma after robbery at home

Zainab Nasir|September 10, 2021
Alankrita Sahai talks about trauma after robbery at home

Model turned actress Alankrita Sahai was robbed and assaulted at knifepoint at her residence in Chandigarh on Tuesday where she had gone for an Interior design project.

The struggle to save her from those men lasted for about 2 hours.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Alankrita said, “Three men forcibly entered my house and they stole items worth ₹6.5 lakhs as well as cash. It was the most cruel act… I was attacked as they held a knife to my neck, they tried to strangle me, had their hand on my mouth and had pinned me against the bed. They hit me on my back, neck and forehead. They verbally abused me and threatened to kill me.”

Relating how she overcame the incident, Alankrita stated, “I then called my caretaker Rajesh who was downstairs, who eventually called the cops. But in the meantime the robbers started breaking down the doors and the windows. I held on to the door as they tried to break it down. I did my best to save myself and fight them off. I fought against these robbers and saved myself. They would have killed me.”

She concluded by saying, “One of the robbers knew when my maid goes and when I am alone at home. In fact he was the same guy who came over to deliver furniture to my house a few days ago, he is the one planned all this.”

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