Husband Nick Jonas is my cheerleader: Priyanka Chopra

Sakina Mehdi|September 13, 2021
Husband Nick Jonas is my cheerleader: Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra sat down for an interview and shared details about her relationship with husband Nick Jonas.

While talking about Jonas, Chopra shared, “He's a diplomat, you know? Whereas, I'm just like a mirchi you know, if I go off, I go off.”

The 39-year-old expressed her thoughts about love, “I think that love is the most crucial thing in life. That’s the end game and that doesn't just mean loving your partner, but it means also loving your parents and family. I really believe love makes the world go round. And the only way to love is to go deeply and fully and give yourself completely.”

But according to Quantico actor, relationship isn’t a single person’s job, she stated, “But you also have to get someone that way, instead of it being skewed where only one person is doing it.”

The actor added, “The one thing that my marriage has definitely taught me, which I guess I didn't feel the need to have, which now I can’t live without is, having your partner give complete credence and credit to the job and the work that I do.”

She further added, “It's so amazing when I see how Nick accommodates his life for my achievements or my career and where I have to go and what my choices are -- how it's so important to him that I went. And that was something I didn't realize that I needed -- a cheerleader.”

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