Vaani Kapoor reveals facing challenges in coping up with pandemic

Zainab Nasir|September 13, 2021

Vaani Kapoor reveals facing challenges in coping up with pandemic

Actress Vaani Kapoor opened up on the struggles faced during the pandemic, both personally and professionally.

For Vaani, sitting at home and not working amid the lockdown was the toughest.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Vaani said, “I was feeling trapped in the house like so many others. You didn’t know the repercussions and it was literally the unknown. We were all waiting for cases to come down. I do understand that the kind of job is also such that you have to be exposed to so many people on set. This is a risky business but I also really missed work, after a point, you get restless. You just want to resume work. Ours is the job that can’t happen on a video call.”

She added, “We all kind of skipped two years of life and now we are finally hoping that we can live normal lives now, of course taking all precautions. It has been hard for us as it has been for everyone else.”

The Bell Bottom actress concluded, “I was lucky enough to shoot two films at a time when everybody else had to wait it out and be home. I am aware of that and grateful for that. I ended up shooting two films back-to-back in the midst of the pandemic. I was the busiest. I never shoot films back-to-back. I am happy and grateful that I have work. I could keep myself distracted.”

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