Kunal Kapoor reflects on playing Mughal Emperor Babur in ‘The Empire’

Sakina Mehdi|September 19, 2021
'Kunal Kapoor reflects on playing Mughal Emperor Babur in ‘The Empire

Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor appeared in an interview and talked about his series The Empire getting praises from the audience.

The 43-year-old said, “It was probably the best sort of response that I’ve gotten to my work since Rang De Basanti.”

In the series, Kunal plays Mughal Emperor Babur, while talking about his role, he shared, “Here, I found a character who is very insecure, who is not sure whether he deserves the throne or not. He is constantly falling apart and needs the women in his life to put him together and show him the right way.”

Kapoor added, “This is a character who is not really in charge of his destiny. It is not about his genius or his brilliance. It’s just about some things falling in place and other people taking the right decisions for him.”

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