Bhumika Chawla is ready to make her comeback on big screen after long break

Sakina Mehdi|September 21, 2021
Bhumika Chawla is ready to make her comeback on big screen after long break

Bollywood actor Bhumika Chawla who made her acting debut in 2003 film Tere Naam appeared in an interview and revealed why she has not worked in Hindi films since a long time.

Chawla shared, “It so happened that sometimes great scripts came and I was working on other projects, sometimes scripts came which I really liked but things finally didn't work out because of various reasons, and then some didn't quite match with my sensibilities.”

She went on to say, “In such situations the gap in the industry increases and thus the fraternity thinks that you are not ready to work and it also becomes an out of sight out of mind kind of situation. But I have been working in the South Indian film industry.”

However, the actor is looking for better opportunities to work in Bollywood, “I would love to take them up and do a lot more work in the industry. The biggest take away when it comes to completing 25 years in Mumbai, the city of dreams, is that it’s a city where you find your way, a city that showers you with love, helps you to dream, where people don’t interfere in your business but will be there if you need them and are kind.”

She concluded, “If you work hard then Mumbai is a city that gives you a full seven course meal comprising dreams, fun, money, success, loneliness, happiness and fast-paced life. It is the city of lights”

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