Divya Dutta hopeful vaccination drive will be 'game-changer' for pandemic

Zainab Nasir|September 24, 2021
Divya Dutta hopeful vaccination drive will be 'game-changer' for pandemic

Actress Divya Dutta is hopeful as the motivated vaccination drive will allow shooting to continue despite the pandemic.

As the Sharmaji Ki Beti actress turned 44, she felt the positive change and hope returning as people started to return to their shoots and jobs.

Talking to Hindustan Times, the Dhaakad actress said, “It is a pleasure to be able to shoot and also go out without much of fear now. I hope there is no third wave (of Covid-19). It has actually been heartening to see people getting fully vaccinated. Whoever I meet, they have taken both the jabs, and that is so delightful. When you reach a set now, everyone is looking after you, so, somewhere, normalcy surges in.”

“I miss that jhappi, and how we would also pick up each other when meeting someone after a long time. Now we can’t, and rightly so. Now, we have started doing elbow and punch hugs. But desi warmth ke bina incomplete lagta hai sab kuch.”

Divya is excited as Sep. 25 is her birthday bash which she has never celebrated without a fuss.

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