Sanaya Irani reflects on ‘painful' experience at school

Zainab Nasir|October 05, 2021
Sanaya Irani reflects on ‘painful' experience at school

Actress Sanaya Irani opened up on being mocked for her appearance in school as she sat down for an interview.

Sanaya revealed the pain behind being heavily demeaned and mocked by fellow peers.

In a chat on Zoom’s By Invite only, the actress said, “When I was in a boarding school in Ooty… I am really fair, if everybody has noticed, and I was ten times fairer then. I was looked at differently in that school. People looked at me and said ‘white cockroach’ or ‘lizard.”

She added, “I heard a Gujarat family once say, ‘She looks like a monkey’. They were saying it in Gujarati but I knew Gujarati, they didn’t know that. We were in school, eating ice cream and they were like ‘look at her’ because I had red cheeks, red nose, all of that. They were like, ‘She looks like a monkey.’ So, for me, when people looked at me, I always connected it to ‘they are going to say something weird about me.”

She always felt like the odd one out when she mingled around in social circles and this had a great impact on her well being.

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